CAPITOL $5-$10

CAPITOL RADIO STAR (“Audio Cue Card”) $10-$15
(Radio interview. Promotional issue only)

EPIC $5-$10

MUSHROOM (MRS-5005 “Dreamboat Annie”) $8-$12

MUSHROOM (MRS-5008 “Magazine”) $50-$75
(First issue. Last track on Side One is Magazine)

MUSHROOM (MRS-5008 “Magazine”) $5-$10
(Second issue. First track on Side Two is Magazine.
There are also other differences in song order)

MUSHROOM (MRS-5008 “Magazine”) $50-$75
(Promo picture disc)

MUSHROOM (MRS-1-SP “Magazine”) $15-$25
(Picture Disc)

MUSHROOM (MRS-2-SP “Dreamboat Annie”) $20-$30
(Picture Disc)

NAUTILUS $20-$25
(Half-speed mastered)

PORTRAIT (30000 series) $5-$10

PORTRAIT (40000 series) $10-$15
(Half-speed mastered)

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