Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019


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Judas Priest

COLUMBIA (Except picture discs) $5-$10

COLUMBIA (99-1543 “Screaming for Vengeance”) $15-$20
(World Tour picture disc)

COLUMBIA (99-1543 “Screaming for Vengeance”) $20-$30
(Picture disc plays Neil Diamond’s Primitive album)

COLUMBIA (99-1851 “Love Bites”) $60-$70
(Picture disc with bite mark on outer edge)

COLUMBIA (99-1851 “Love Bites”) $15-$25
(Picture disc)

COLUMBIA (39926 “Great Vinyl and Concert Hits”) $25-$30
(Picture disc)

JANUS (7019 “Sad Wings of Destiny”) $8-$12

OVATION (1751 “Sad Wings of Destiny”) $5-$10

RCA $5-$10

VISA (7001 “Rocka Rolla”) $15-$25
(With bottle cap front cover)

VISA (7001 “Rocka Rolla”) $8-$10
(No bottle cap on cover.)

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