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Kenny Drew

BLUE NOTE (4059 “Kenny Drew – Undercurrent”) $800-$1200
(Label gives New York street address for Blue Note Records)

BLUE NOTE (4059 “Kenny Drew – Undercurrent”) $30-$50
(Label shows Blue Note Records as a division of either Liberty or UA)

BLUE NOTE (5053 “Kenny Drew Trio”) $500-$750
(10–inch LP)

JAZZ WEST (4 “Talkin’ and Walkin’ “) $300-$500

NORGRAN (29 “Ideation of Kenny Drew”) $300-$500
(10–inch LP. Cover art by David Stone Martin)

NORGRAN (1002 “Modernity”) $300-$500

NORGRAN (1066 “Progressive Piano”) $250-$350

VERVE (8156 “Kenny Drew”) $200-$300

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