ELEKTRA (“Metallica Vinyl Boxed Set”) $300-$400
(Numbered limited edition of 5,000. Includes: Kill ‘Em All; Ride the Lightning; Master of Puppets; -And Justice for All; 5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited; and the Creeping Death picture disc)

ELEKTRA (Except 60396 & 60757) $10-$15

ELEKTRA (60396 “Ride the Lightning”) $250-$350
(Includes inner sleeve with lyrics)

ELEKTRA (60757 “Garage Days Re-Revisited”) $30-$50

MEGAFORCE (069 “Kill ‘Em All”) $10-$15

MEGAFORCE (0321 “Kill ‘Em All”) $200-$250
(Picture disc)

MEGAFORCE (769 “Ride the Lightning”) $10-$15

MEGAFORCE (1069 “Kill ‘Em All”) $25-$35

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