Thu. Oct 17th, 2019


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Molly Hatchet

EPIC (Except picture discs and 40137) $5-$10

EPIC (694 “Flirtin’ with Disaster”) $40-$50
(Picture disc. Has die-cut cover. Promo)

EPIC (844 “Beatin the Odds”) $30-$40
(Picture disc. Promo)

EPIC (1320 “Take No Prisoners”) $20-$25
(Picture disc. Promo)

EPIC (1339 “Molly Hatchet”) $15-$20

EPIC (35347 “Molly Hatchet”) $40-$50
(Picture disc. Promo)

EPIC (36110 “Flirtin’ with Disaster”) $50-$60
(Picture disc. Promo)

EPIC (40137 “Double Trouble Live”) $10-$15

EPIC (40137 “Double Trouble Live”) $15-$25
(White label. Promo)

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