Sat. Sep 21st, 2019


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Rod Stewart

ACCORD $5-$10

MERCURY (Except 61000 series) $8-$12

MERCURY (61000 series) $10-$20

MFSL (054 “Blondes Have More Fun”) $40-$60



TRIP $8-$10

W.B. (Except BSP-3276) $5-$10

W.B. (BSP-3276 “Blondes Have More Fun”) $10-$15
(Picture disc. Has Rod Stewart on both sides)

W.B./RCA (3276 “Blondes Have More Fun”) $500-$1000
(Picture disc. Pictures Rod Stewart and a woman on one side; Elvis Presley from NBC-TV Special on reverse. Experimental pressing)

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