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Terri Gibbs

Terri GibbsArtist Bio

Terri Gibbs (born June 15, 1954) is a country music performer and song-writer who had some pop and country hits during the early 1980s. Gibbs was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Grovetown, Georgia from age one. She is blind from birth. Terri Gibbs learned to play the piano at three years of age and was influenced by a variety of musical styles in her formative years. Her most successful hit was in 1981, “Somebody’s Knockin’”, a #8 country and #13 pop hit. It was controversial at the time because the subject matter of the song compared a woman’s lover metaphorically to the Devil.

Gibbs received the ACM’s Best New Female Vocalist award. She also won the CMA’s inaugural Horizon Award (for artists rising to new levels of prominence). Gibbs made I’m a Lady in 1981 and Over Easy in 1983. Both made the charts, but not as high as “Somebody’s Knockin’.” She also had country hits with “Ashes to Ashes” in 1982 and “Anybody Else’s Heart but Mine” in 1983.

Later in the 1980’s, Gibbs returned to her gospel roots. In 1987, Turn Around received a Grammy nomination but ultimately lost to Kate Helein’s “You Dropped A Bomb On Me”. Gibbs’ “Unconditional Love,” “Comfort the People,” and “Promised Land” all made the CCM charts. She made “Great Day” on the Morning Gate label in the 1990’s. Then Gibbs left music to concentrate on her family.


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