Sat. Sep 21st, 2019


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COLUMBIA (30000 series) $5-$10
(Black vinyl)

COLUMBIA (9C9-39911 “Isolation”) $10-$15
(Picture disc)

COLUMBIA (PJC-35317 “Toto”) $25-$35
(Picture disc. Same value for promo. Add $10 if with die-cut cover)

COLUMBIA (37928 “Toto IV”) $20-$30
(Picture disc. Promo)

COLUMBIA (37928 “Toto IV”) $25-$35
(Picture disc. Promo with strawberries, with WBCN logo)

COLUMBIA (37928 “Toto IV”) $30-$40
(Picture disc. Promo with “Turtles Annual Getaway” logo)

COLUMBIA (PD-36813 “Turn Back”) $35-$45
(Picture disc. Promo. Includes calendar insert)

COLUMBIA (47728 “Toto IV”) $10-$15
(Half-speed mastered)

MFSL (250 “Toto IV”) $100-$150

POLYDOR $5-$10

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