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Q. How are vinyl record prices determined?

  • A very common question asks is "What are my records worth"? Unfortunately establishing vinyl value not an exact science. There are numerous factors that are used when pricing vinyl. Some of those factors include the age of the record and who the artist is, how scarce is the record, is the record sealed- autographed-or promotional, the record label and variations, the quality or record (stereo, mono, quadraphonic, etc.), is the record a picture discs or colored vinyl, is the record limited-foreign-or withdrawn releases, is there a re-issues, and the condition of the record-sleeve-jacket are just a few factors in determining vinyl pricing. For more information on how vinyl record prices are determined we suggest visiting (no affiliation to

Q. What if there are multiple artists with the same name? 

  • When there are multiple artists such as the Four Mints, all artists share the same page (i.e. Four Mints (1), Four Mints (2), etc.)

Q. Do you only show the value of 12" vinyl (LP's)

  • When we originally started, we only concentrated on 12" vinyl LP's. The demand was very high for other types of vinyl. Moving forward, we catalog Single 12-inch, Singles: 78 rpm, Singles: 7-inch, Picture Sleeves, EPs" 7-inch, LPs: 10 & 12 inch, Flex-Discs, and promotional items. We continually add other vinyl as indicated above to our existing catalog. Don't see other vinyl when viewing your artist? Drop us a note and we will expedite the addition. 

Q. Are these the prices I should use when selling on e-Bay?

  • Depends on the vinyl. Records artists such as Elvis Presley and the Beatles might fetch our vinyl worth; however, we recommend selling what other sellers are asking. REMEMBER, this is only what the value of the record is worth, not necessarily what you might receive.

Q. Why are you charging for this service?

  • Most of the information found on record value is available on-line if you look hard enough. We try to have a one-stop catalog of vinyl worth and add hundreds of artists weekly. To compile this data online has taken years.

Q. What is the easiest way to search?

  • You can always use the 'Artist Pages' at the top of all pages; however, we recommend using the search bar feature as there are thousands of artists. If you don't know the artists name, you can try the label, label number, or name of song. For search engine word reduction, we remove the word 'the' (i.e. instead of Little Anthony and the Imperials, we list as Little Anthony & Imperials". As a last resort you could always scroll the sitemap.

Q. What if I can't find my artists?

  • There are hundreds of thousands of artists....we add more daily. We suggest dropping us a note so we can expedite your request. We well send you an email when cataloged. Here is the link 'contact us' or email us at Should we find your artist, Our turn-around time to post is usually within a day and we will send you an email when posted.

Q. Do I need an account to search?

  • Yes. We offer a monthly subscription fee, a yearly subscription fee, and a lifetime subscription fee. Remember we only use PayPal and the first day is free for both the monthly & yearly subscriptions. Should you subscribe wish to cancel, simply cancel you subscription in PayPal on the first day and no charges will be uncured. We offer this for those folks who just want to know the value of their one or two records or who is thinking about purchasing vinyl.

Q. If I create an account, do you sell or give my information to others?

Q. How do you know the condition of what others might see when selling my vinyl?

  • There are standards of grading vinyl....please check our grading guide

Q. Do you catalog various albums and soundtracks?

  • That's on our bucket list....someday soon! If your needing value on one of these types of vinyl drop us a note and we'll check on it for you.

Q. Most band start the word 'the' such as The Beatles, The Byrds, The Beach Boys. Should I use this prefix when searching?

  • No, for the sake of unity, we do not put 'the' in front of bands unless it make sense such as artists like The Fool, The Band, etc. In some cases there are 2 distinct groups such as Fox and The Fox. The easiest way is to just type in the artist without 'The' and let the search engine work for you! Other times you may not know the exact title of the artist such as Frankie & the can try a search for just the Corvettes until you come across the one your looking for.

Q. Is your website encrypted? If I opt to subscribe is my information safe?

  • Yes! Every page on is encrypted using an extended validation SSL certificate issued by 'Let's Encrypt'. This means that all communication between any web browser you use and our server- including your personal information is secure. For any financial transactions, we use Paypal's servers, where you will be redirected when you are ready to make payment.

Q. What other names direct me to this website?

  • Other domains we own that re-direct to include ',, and

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